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The Contingent

The Contingent  is a venture nonprofit that empowers leaders and mobilizes community to tackle many of the largest injustices and vulnerabilities in our country. Sweeping transformation is contingent on developing new approaches for linking arms and stepping into brokenness – together.

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A group of people trained for action.

Lasting change comes when community rises and works together. The Contingent is the spark, inspiring and training neighbors to help neighbors. At a time when the status quo is a divided society, The Contingent becomes an enduring and essential group of people standing in the gap and creating new leaders to confront the challenges ahead.

What world can we build, what problems can we solve, when we work together?


We see needs and we fill them. The Contingent serves children and families impacted by foster care and empowers diverse talent to excel as young professionals. We succeed in this through our initiatives: Every Child, Survival is Not Enough (SINE), Emerging Leaders, and Ready to Rise, and our Act Six scholarship.

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The Work We Do

The Community Collider

Over the last three years, The Contingent has invested heavily into marketing, Community Experience (CX), technology, and research/evaluation. Each of these functions are independently essential to our work. 

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Our Team

At The Contingent, the “what” is not as important as the “Who.” We are made up of amazing leaders who all bring their own unique skills, gifts, and experiences to this work.

Our Team

Our 2023 Annual Report

2023 was a huge year for The Contingent – from becoming a national nonprofit to rebranding and expanding initiatives, to all the lives of children and young leaders we’ve uplifted with the help of community.

Annual Report 2023
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 Everyone and every perspective is vital in the movement. Discover how you can make a difference in your community.