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Our Mission

The Contingent empowers leaders and mobilizes community for the common good.

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Where We Started & How We Transformed


A group of people trained for action.

The Contingent is a venture nonprofit that addresses many of the largest injustices and vulnerabilities facing Oregonians today. At a time when the status quo is a divided society, The Contingent becomes an enduring and essential group of people standing in the gap and creating new leaders to confront the challenges ahead.


We see needs and we fill them. We saw a need in the foster care system, and now we’re trusted with foster family recruitment for the entire state. We identified a lack of representation in leadership, and now each year hundreds of students of color are flourishing in college and getting elite jobs.

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Action Lab

About The Lab

The Action Lab, a new division within The Contingent, presumes that a good state requires leaders with a predilection to do hard things.

About the Action Lab

Action Lab Results

Here are some results from those demonstrations that have become formal initiatives of The Contingent.


Published Concept Papers

View The Contingents white papers, and get inspired.

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Oregonians are Part of The Contingent

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Get involved at any level. Everyone and every perspective is vital in the movement to transform Oregon.