Our Team

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Who We Are

We hire leaders and give them freedom to lead. Everyone comes to The Contingent with their own unique gifts, skills, and abilities and we encourage our team to step up and be all in this work with that uniqueness. We hold ourselves to a high standard for practicing equity; If we are going to engage in the work of mobilizing community and empowering leaders externally, we must first do the work internally (personally and collectively).

Our Commitment to our Communities

At The Contingent, the “who” is more important than the “what.” The Contingent centers community voices, particularly the voices of those most impacted by our work. We recognize that every person we interact with has an opportunity to help us fulfill our mission. Our values are most fully lived out in partnership with the communities we serve.

Our Mission

The Contingent empowers leaders and mobilizes community for the common good. The Contingent is creating a nationwide movement of individuals and families rising into leadership and service of others for the communities in which they live.  

Governing Board

Ben Sand
CEO, The Contingent
Kirk Lohmolder
CEO, Eclectic Institute
Erinn Kelley-Siel
Chief Officer of Public Funding and Policy, Friends of the Children
Mark Shuholm
President, NW Polymers
Veronica Cuniff
Former Teacher & Coach
John Chang
Executive Director, College Possible

Our Staff

Maia Anderson
Associate Director, Every Child PDX
Manuela Ban
Technical Specialist
Kelly Bartz
Executive Director of People & Culture

I take action in Oregon by elevating voices that are too often marginalized or muted. I love Oregon because the diversity of the state’s landscape is only a reflection of the beauty displayed in the diversity of lived experiences.

Kelly’s superpower: Helping leaders discover all they are created to be.

Lauren Berry
Grant Accountant
Kelsey Byrd
Senior Director, Action Lab
Kafi Mashariki Carrasco
Senior Director, Every Child PDX
Carolina Chiari
Organizational Communications Strategist
Alexandria Clarke
Associate Director of Strategic Growth Marketing

I take action in Oregon by learning and listening to the needs of the community. Everyone has a story to tell.

Alex’s superpower: Forward Momentum & Positivity

Noemi Davila
CX Associate, My NeighbOR
Leroi De Suchiat
Technical Solutions Manager
Jamie Dudley
Nathalia Duó
Associate Director, Research and Evaluation
Vivian Duong
Power Platform Developer
Micah Dutro
API Developer
Priscila España
CX Associate
Carolyn Evans
Manager of Human Resources
Sarah Forsythe-Insley
Project Director, Empowering Leaders Division
Tiara Gay
Community Experience (CX) Senior Manager
Jillana Goble
Founder and Foster Support Advocate, Every Child Oregon

I take action in Oregon walking alongside a myriad of people impacted by foster care. I love Oregon because it’s where I am putting down roots. There is no other place I’d rather be!

Jillana’s superpower: Leaning in to other’s experiences with empathy.

Luke Goble
Executive Director of Research and Impact

I take action in Oregon by saying a sometimes enthusiastic and sometimes reluctant “yes” to offer my life and my talents in service to and love for others.

Luke’s superpower: Observation and strategy.

Brooke Gray
Executive Director of National Expansion

I take action in Oregon by mobilizing community to bring what they can to the table for children and families in crisis. Oregon is a place of radical generosity. I love its diversity in people, perspective, geography, and way of life.

Brooke’s superpower: Building unlikely bridges.

Kris Hines
Every Child Admin, Every Child Oregon
Carly Hinman
Program Specialist, Every Child Oregon
Johnny Holmes
Senior Program Manager, Indiana
Daniel Ibinola
Program Coordinator, Thriving Families Arkansas
Kaitlyn Jolley
Director of Community Experience (CX)
Stacy Kean
Director of Marketing and Community Engagement

“Heroes are not giant statues framed against a red sky. They are people who say: This is my community, and it’s my responsibility to make it better” -Tom McCall

Stacy’s superpower: Tenacity combined with creative problem-solving. ​

Peter Kim
Executive Director of Technology

I take action in Oregon by bringing my gifts to the table to build systems, processes, and tools to further our collective impact. I love Oregon because of our deep beauty in the midst of our complex challenges.

Peter’s superpower: Patience.

Michael Larson
Communication Specialist/Videographer
Destinee Lewis
CX Associate, Every Child Arkansas
Lauren Lobaugh
CX Associate
Stephanie Lopez
Program Recruitment and Retention Manager, Emerging Leaders

I take action in Oregon by creating and sustaining equitable systems and spaces.

Stephanie’s superpower: Resiliency rooted in hope.

Moshe Martinez
IT Services Specialist
Anthony McClain
Marketing Coordinator, Every Child Indiana
Madeline Michalk-Rothwell
Project Coordinator
Klein Mitchell
Marketing Coordinator, Every Child Arkansas
Dalia Mondragon
Human Resource Junior Associate
Kimberly Nachbur
Web Developer III
Rachel Parrott
Senior Program Manager, Empowering Leaders
Nick Poindexter
Senior Director, Empowering Leaders

I take action in Oregon by being dedicated to the collective commitment of our organization to serve, uplift, and invest in building up marginalized communities. I love Oregon because it is a place that has helped shape my story. The guidance and support of people here helped shape me to be who I am today.

Nick’s superpower: Encouragement.

Maya Reed
CX Manager, Every Child Arkansas
Kinnah Rhodes
Community Response Coordinator
Lisette Rodriguez
Data Analytics and Reporting Specialist
Enrique Ruiz
Senior Talent Acquisition Manager
Alexa Sakai
Donor Care Specialist

I take action in Oregon by stepping in the gap to provide resources, support, and love for parents and children in foster care. I love Oregon because we are resilient, diverse, and take action to support our most vulnerable community members

Alexa’s superpower: Empathy.

Carlis Salomon-Lira
CX Specialist, The Script
Ben Sand

I take action in Oregon by bringing leaders together to ask big questions and imagine collaborative solutions. I love Oregon because the people don’t back down and the trout are plenty (fish on!)

Ben’s superpower: Bringing ideas to life.

Karen Serrato Guzman
Communication Specialist, Empowering Leaders
Lauren Sigler
Administrative Coordinator, Empowering Leaders
Michelle Sligar
Marketing Coordinator, Every Child Oregon
Cydnie Smith-McCarthy
Associate Director of Digital Strategy
Kailyn Stanley
Associate Director of Projects, Every Child Oregon
Jerome Strickland
Executive Director of The Contingent, Arkansas
Josie Swails
CX Specialist, Every Child Indiana
Oscar Sweeten-Lopez
Executive Director of The Contingent, Oregon
Brandon Tittle
Senior Program Manager, Every Child Arkansas
Lisa To
Headquarters Administrator

I take action in Oregon by providing organizational structure and administrative support to allow others space to be their best self.

Lisa’s superpower: Hospitality and Intuition.

Felicia Tripp
Chief Operating Officer

I take action in Oregon by serving our most vulnerable communities. I love Oregon because of its geographic and racial diversity.

Felicia’s superpower: Love without judgment.

Jeanne Wang
UI/UX Design Manager
Akilah Webster
Executive Director of The Contingent, Indiana
Ken Weigel

I take action in Oregon by championing growth for leaders and organizations through clarifying questions and strategic planning. I love Oregon because of the unique people who live within it and the awe-inspiring beauty that surrounds it.

Ken’s superpower: Jumping into complex challenges with good questions.

Shakenya D White
Administrative Specialist, Arkansas
Rena Whittaker
Senior Director of Generosity & Investment
Heather Wild
Power Platform Developer
Liz Williamson
Senior Staff Accountant
Shelly Winterberg
Senior Director, Every Child Oregon

I take action in Oregon by inviting the community to show up for children in foster care. I love Oregon because the folks that live in this state are generous and care for one another.

Shelly’s superpower: Calling out the good in others.

Take Action

We invite you to join the movement. We’ll meet you where you are and give you the opportunity to go all in. Together, we are The Contingent.