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The Contingent is a venture non-profit focused on sparking and holding initiatives to empower leaders and mobilize community for the common good. Whether it is through mentoring, education, scholarships, internships, career development, mobilizing volunteers, or raising up foster families, we are witnessing an unprecedented contingent of leaders committed to do hard things.

What We Look For

Hiring for employee fit is crucial to The Contingent’s mission to empower leaders and mobilize community for the common good. This means finding candidates whose skills, perspective, and self-identified purpose align with The Contingent’s current and future needs.
If interested candidates would like to learn more about The Contingent’s work with faith communities and how this external work is reflected in our internal rhythms, we would value the opportunity to share more! Please contact The Contingent’s ED of Organizational Development, Kelly Bartz [email protected] for additional information.

Organizational Identity

Listening: The Contingent prioritizes listening because it is the most effective way to ensure our work is reflective of the needs of the group not benefiting from current systems, structures, and policies. It is an essential component to practicing hospitality, collaborating, convening, centering community, building community, developing trust, and practicing transparency.
Innovating: The Contingent is an innovative movement; not attached to a prescribed way of doing things, repeating past mistakes, or being afraid of failure. As such, we lean into doing hard things, utilizing technology for good, and relying on qualitative and quantitative data to inform our work. We will remain agile as we innovate alongside the group who is not benefiting from current systems, programs, processes, policies, and structures.
Acting: We are a group of people trained for action. As such, we will not sit on good ideas, but we will take initiative – documenting ideas for clarity, seeking out feedback to address our blind spots, testing for viability, and making modifications throughout implementation to ensure that what we are doing is acting with those impacted not to those impacted.

We lead by example. Our example is this: We are tenacious in our collaboration for impact. We are persistent in our pursuit of justice, acting alongside the group who is not benefiting from current systems, structures, and/or processes. Amidst this all, we prioritize unity rather than uniformity.
Accountability: The Contingent is accountable to the community we serve, we seek to listen, and to innovate with and act alongside. In other words, we are accountable to improve outcomes for the group not benefiting and center community voices in our work. Our greatest responsibility is to one another, community, and engaging in the solution.

Integrity is intrinsically connected to accountability. Although we will not be perfect, we are committed to holding ourselves to a high standard, because the stakes are high. We will follow through on our commitments and when we do not live into our agreements, we will make changes and improvements accordingly.

We critique what we value, starting first with ourselves. We recognize we must do our work individually, before we can do it collectively; internally, so that we can do it externally.
Radical Hospitality: Radical hospitality creates space. It is redemptive in nature and ushers in compassionate truth telling and meeting the needs of others, even at cost to oneself. The hospitality we seek to practice at The Contingent is radical in nature because it disrupts the status quo. Our organization is rooted in the intersection of Jesus of Nazareth and civic spaces. As such, when the world expects us to put up barricades, we extend the table.

The goal of radical hospitality is to dignify the humanity in one another. It requires serving others and receiving others’ care for you.

Radical hospitality is an invitation to see each other exactly where we are, know one another more deeply and grow together. It is an invitation to display other-centered love in action.

How We Hire

At The Contingent, “the who is more important than the what.” Therefore, as we hire new team members, we are growing our team to mobilize community and empower leaders with increasing skill, commitment, and diversity of perspectives.
Our hiring process endeavors to provide insight, clarity, consistency, and accountability in the hiring process. The goal when hiring at The Contingent is retention. This starts at hiring. Our goal is to retain a new team member for 2-3 years in the position they were hired, with the average opportunity for promotion in years 3 and 4.

Don’t meet every single requirement? Studies have shown that women and people of color are less likely to apply to jobs unless they meet every single qualification. At The Contingent we are dedicated to building a diverse, inclusive, and authentic workplace, so if you are excited about this role but your experience does not align perfectly with every qualification in the job description, we encourage you to apply anyway. You may be just the right candidate for this or other roles.
Explore – Discover who The Contingent is through the internet, social media, and word of mouth. You will discover that we offer a unique culture, associates who care deeply for others, and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Apply – Apply for the roles that align with your values, experience and goals.

Initial Phone Interview – If you qualify, a member of the interview panel may contact you, allowing you to share your qualifications and learn more about the position

Panel Interview – Should your phone interview go well, we’ll ask you to present yourself and highlight your accomplishments and aspirations

Offer – If an offer is made, we’ll ask you to review the details and accept the opportunity to join our team.

Onboarding – Submit your background check for review and clearance and complete your onboarding tasks.

Join the Team: Congrats on join The Contingent in mobilizing community and empowering leaders!

Study the job description, research The Contingent and learn about our culture. Consider how to present your experience, education, skills and accomplishments. We recommend that you prepare questions for the interview panel.


To make a positive, lasting impression, show that you’re engaged in the conversation with positive interaction, including body language. Tell us why you’re the best candidate for the role and how your skills, experience, and ideas will contribute to our success. The interview is a two-way discussion, so be sure to participate.


As the interview concludes, express your interest in the position and ask about next steps. Then follow up with a thank-you note or email within 48 hours. It may take a few weeks for the recruiter and hiring manager to meet all candidates and make a decision so be patient and limit follow-up calls and emails.
Virtual Interview Tips

Get connected: Ensure that you have reliable power, internet, video and audio connections.

Find a good location: Choose a space that is free of distractions, noise and darkness.

Follow instructions: We will provide steps for the connection process.

Conduct a test run: Be sure your equipment works properly.

Join early: Connect at least 15 minutes before the start time.

Engage effectively: A video interview matters, so engage effectively.

Finish strong: Before you log off, ask about next steps and follow up.

Phone Interview Tips

Power up early: Ensure that you have a reliable service connection and power source.

Find a good location: Choose a space that is free of distractions and noise.

Keep tools handy: Keep notes and questions close to your phone/interview area.

Wait for the recruiter to call: Give us 15 minutes after the scheduled time before reaching out.

Show enthusiasm: A phone interview is real—so communicate with energy.

Conclude with strength: Before hanging up, ask about next steps and follow up

Current Openings

If you read a position description and are filled with a wholehearted, “YES! I’m in!”, we would love to hear from you! Please send your cover letter, resume, and list of references to [email protected].

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Take Action

Get involved at any level. Your voice is vital in the movement to transform Oregon. We look forward to learning & leading alongside you.