Re-entry Concept Paper

In March 2019, The Contingent published the Re-entry Concept paper, which summarizes the challenges Oregonians face when a parent is incarcerated.

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Abstract: In the case of the community-based re-entry practices proposed in this concept paper, the ideas do not represent a dramatic shift from what has been done faithfully by Oregonians for many years. That said, there is something happening in Oregon that cannot be captured on paper. The right partners have come together. The Contingent has developed a delivery system building community/government partnerships in record numbers. There is a deep unrest growing in our culture about the way we incarcerate our neighbors.

Make no mistake, there are still ​BIG​ questions that remain: Will we, as Oregon’s citizens, continue to allow for under-investment in re-entry services? Is it possible to shift public opinion about those who are incarcerated? Will the community step forward and engage relationally with formerly incarcerated persons at scale? Can a network of partners join together to do something big? Will this project find funding? And if we do, will the project really work?

Regardless of who spurs on this discussion in the days ahead, one thing is clear: the re-entry challenge is deeper than data and policy and government systems. Our research spells out a deep truth: The public does not demonstrate compassion or forgiveness when an Oregonian experiences corrections. The evidence is found in how we have ignored the challenges women, men, and their children face when leaving incarceration.

We draw the conclusion that re-entry is NOT an isolated government problem. This is a neighborhood problem. This is an Oregon problem. The time has come to do something about it.

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