An Invitation to Win

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

Michael Jordan

Stacy Kean, Director of Marketing

The term “marketing” probably conjures several thoughts in someone’s mind. Many people think of logos, brands, social media, and marketing materials like ads, brochures, banners, and signs. It’s true that marketing encompasses those things and more.  

Let’s shift our perspective for a moment. How often do you associate marketing with heartfelt invitations? At The Contingent, marketing provides an invitation to make a profound impact on someone’s life. An impact that can ripple through several generations. We reach out to communities, asking them to open their homes and hearts to children navigating the challenging journey of foster care. And if that’s not within their reach, we ask if they could volunteer or support the families bravely taking on this responsibility. We extend invitations to leading companies, asking them to host interns or mentor new graduates. We reach out to underrepresented students, encouraging them to apply for internships, offering the opportunity to change the trajectory of their stories and pave the way for diverse leadership in our communities. 

At the core of our marketing efforts, we employ a blend of digital media strategies, captivating stories, and data-driven insights to craft these powerful “invitations.” We don’t stop there. Daily, our marketing team evaluates performance, leveraging research insights, technology and collaborating with customer experience associates to ensure continuous improvement. 

A loving and strategic foster family, and access to internships and mentorships that profoundly alter career trajectories, can have a deep and lasting impact. The stakes are high to produce these outcomes. The marketing team at The Contingent is part of what we call the “Community Collider.” Marketing, Technology, Research and Development, and Customer Experience are linked together in a loop of consistent innovation and collaboration. The teamwork and problem-solving power of the Community Collider is designed for constant progress and improvement.  

The synergy of the Community Collider elevates everyone’s game. It’s a reminder that in the pursuit of lifechanging goals, it’s not just talent that wins the day, but the extraordinary power of teamwork and intelligence that leads to championship victories. At The Contingent, we’re here to champion the cause of brighter futures, one heartfelt invitation at a time.