The Script feature in The Oregonian

The news of the rebrand and expansion of the successful Emerging Leaders and SINE programs has excited many businesses and communities throughout Oregon. In the Oregonian, reporter Sami Edge tells the story of Nehemiah Heye, who had help from The Contingent’s initiatives to navigate the corporate environment for the first time.

“I tell a lot of people, I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for this organization and the work they do,” said Heye, now 27. “The rooms I’ve been able to be a part of, the conversations I’ve been able to be in, the self discovery I’ve been able to do as a result of this program and organization has been really almost life changing for me.”

Through Emerging Leaders, Heye was connected with a national nonprofit called Friends of the Children. It was during that internship that Heye had his first taste of how corporations operate, and helped him understand more about the world of human relations. These first experiences are essential for learning how to network, gaining confidence, and taking next steps in your career.

The article on includes more about Heye’s experience and an interview with our CEO Ben Sand about The Script:

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The Script Rebrand

We are proud to have helped students and young professionals like Heye with our programs: Act Six scholarship, Emerging Leaders, and SINE. It was with that pride that we put tremendous investment to rebrand and expand with The Script.

The Script’s mission is to remove the barriers for diverse young talent and replace them with opportunities and a supportive community. Our Intern Program matches underrepresented college students and recent grads with paid internships at the top regional companies. To date, we’ve placed over 500 interns, with many transitioning into successful full-time roles.

As The Script has grown, so has the program depth. Our Associate Program provides further mentoring and direct career pipelines for people of color and lower-socioeconomic status. Our upcoming Manager and Executive Programs will open pathways to leadership at the highest levels of the top regional companies.

From the beginning, we’ve believed that companies should reflect the diversity of their communities. A stronger, more resilient, and inclusive local workforce is the result.

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