The Community Collider

Learn more about the unique division that powers The Contingent’s work in empowering leaders and mobilizing community.

Our society has become increasingly divided. Public discourse has deteriorated. Politically, socially, and morally, we are fragmenting into fiercely opposed, self-contained echo chambers. There are many labels— that all seem to separate us into two, opposing categories. These groups and ideologies self-protect by alienating from the other; the result is a deteriorating community.

The antidote?  

The Community Collider.  

Marketing. Technology. Customer Experience. Data and Evaluation.

When the four functions create energy, the Community Collider mobilizes community members and empowers leaders with an unique efficacy.

The Collider brings together those with the problem and those who are a part of the solution, because we understand the best work includes all of us. The Community Collider has demonstrated the ability to bridge cultural, geographic, and socio-economic divides in a time of dangerous polarization.


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