Community Link: Every Child Indiana

Akilah Webster (Executive Director of The Contingent, Indiana) sat down to do an interview with WISHTV Channel 8 in Indianapolis to talk about Every Child Indiana, the state of foster care in Indiana, and what people can do to get involved.

Carolene Mays from Community Link on Channel 8 invites local companies and organizations who are making a positive impact to share a bit more about what they do.

MAYS: How great is the need for foster care, and how might a child end up there?

WEBSTER: The need is great. So kids end up in care for a number of reasons, and it’s usually a combination of things. Most common are abuse and neglect, and I think the common misperception or misconception is that abuse is the leading factor when it’s actually neglect. And if you peel back the layers and look into that, it’s often usually due to poverty and the parents being unable to care for their kids.

Listen to the whole interview on Channel 8.