Launching Every Child Indiana

Oregon’s Every Child Model Continues to Expand Nationwide 

Oregon’s Every Child initiative, which recruits and supports foster families throughout Oregon, has expanded nationwide in 2023. Every Child Indiana launched on November 28, following the launch earlier in the year of Every Child Arkansas.  

Every Child Oregon began in Portland in 2012, providing support to kids and families impacted by foster care. The model spread across the state, with Every Child affiliates now in most of Oregon’s 36 counties. Over the past decade, Every Child Oregon has recruited thousands of foster families, provided support and tangible goods, and encouraged communities to mobilize to support kids and families impacted by foster care. 

Every Child was created by Oregon-based nonprofit The Contingent. Inspiration for this model occurred when The Contingent CEO Ben Sand was reading an article about how both political parties have built powerful platforms to leverage digital marketing tools to recruit voters, donors, and supporters. Ben thought, “Why does the nonprofit sector not do this to scale up community solutions?”  

Foster family recruitment soon rose to the top of the list of ways that digital technology could be used to benefit people and communities. The Contingent then developed proprietary technology and digital marketing tools that identify and encourage potential foster parents and volunteers to support child welfare.  

“We’ve created a very successful model,” said Sand. “With Every Child, anyone can get involved to support children, families and workers involved in the child welfare system. You may not be able to foster a child, but you can do something to support children in ways large and small. We can all contribute.”  

On November 28, Every Child Indiana officially launched with a celebratory breakfast event attended by child welfare leaders from across the state.  

Every Child Indiana is a pioneering initiative that unites community nonprofit and faith-based foster child resource organizations alongside foster family licensing agencies from across Indiana. Recognizing the distinct nature of each state’s child welfare system, this collaborative effort aims to create a unified platform. 

Guided by a dedicated 12-person Executive Leadership Council drawn from a network of over 30 statewide child welfare organizations, Every Child Indiana operates with a commitment to enhancing the welfare of children across the state. By harnessing the collective expertise and diverse perspectives of these organizations, Every Child Indiana strives to revolutionize the foster care landscape in Indiana, fostering a brighter future for the children it serves. 

About Every Child Oregon: Every Child mobilizes the community to support children and families impacted by foster care in Oregon. Contact [email protected] or visit to learn more.