One Year as a National Organization

A year ago, The Contingent became a national organization by launching The Contingent Arkansas and Every Child Arkansas. This past year has been a testament to what happens when community locks arms and go all in together towards a common goal. Brooke Gray has been leading this effort as our Executive Director of National Expansion, and she remarked on what she’s seen this past year.

“One of the greatest joys is to see–firsthand–the people all across the U.S who are obsessing about how to improve the child welfare system from the ground up.”

“These people are foster parents, youth who’ve experienced foster care, business owners, faith community leaders, leaders of color, government employees, and faithful social workers.”

“They are spending every hour of every day working for kids and families in their community. It is humbling as all get out to work alongside such faithfulness in collaboration, and to invite community members into the work in a new capacity.”

We are better together!

Brooke Gray, Executive Director of National Expansion

The Contingent continues to grow. We will be expanding to Tennessee later this year, and are in talks with other states about what it would look like to have our Every Child initiative in their state.