The Contingent in Microsoft’s CEO Annual Report

We have spoken on multiple occasions of our partnership with Microsoft and the innovations in the nonprofit space that we have been able to achieve due to Mircosoft’s suite of tools. This week, Microsoft’s CEO and Chairman Satya Nadella wrote his annual report looking at the new era for the company, and he mentioned many ways that Microsoft empowers their consumers with their technology. He mentioned Mercedes-Benz’s in car voice assistant, Taiwan’s Ministry of Education using Azure AI to teach English, and he talked about The Contingent.

“Nonprofit The Contingent is matching foster families with children in need using Dynamics 365, Power BI, and Azure, with an eye on using AI to amplify its work across the US.” – Satya Nadella

We are grateful for the mention, and excited to continue to push the innovation forward of what AI can do to serve children and families impacted by foster care across the country. Our Every Child program is revolutionizing foster care by using technology to build out digital recruitment and finding ideal placements for every child. KGW in Oregon wrote about this earlier this summer, and how The Contingent is expanding this model to new states. Read about it here: every-child-is-revolutionizing-foster-care

Read the rest of Microsoft’s CEO, Nadella’s, annual update on LinkedIn: