The Contingent Innovates on Digital Strategies to Improve Community Engagement

We are honored to have be featured in Arkansas Business’ “Innovation” section, where they have highlighted the innovative ways The Contingent has brought together technology, digital marketing, and customer experience and paired it with on the ground community engagement.

Every second, data is being gathered about us and how we interact with technology. This data is often sold for advertisements, which is how you get an ad about couches on your Facebook feed after you’ve been looking through a furniture store’s website.

Our CEO, Ben Sand, wondered how we could use similar strategies to attract who are interested in foster care or child welfare into engagement. This developed in the Every Child model and the strategies transformed Oregon’s foster care system. Records were set by this digital engagement strategy. In the last five years, Every Child has garnered 8,200 new foster family inquiries and 32,000 new volunteers.

This model is adaptive and scalable, coming in to complement already existing community engagement organizations. This is how Every Child is able to expand to two new states in 2023: Arkansas (which was just launched in February) and Indiana (which will launch this fall).

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