Building or buying generative AI? Peter Kim Feature

Our Executive Director of Technology Peter Kim was featured on, a leader in sharing business technology, IT, innovation, and career development for those who work in those fields. In the article: Should you Build or Buy Generative AI? Peter talks about his experience at The Contingent and the possibility of using AI technology to strengthen our work to mobilize community and empower leaders.

Peter is interested in how generative AI can help profile audiences, evaluate messaging around the continuum of opportunities for volunteering, match applicants with internships, and even reduce the time it takes to recruit new staff.

The Contingent has benefitted greatly from our partnership with Microsoft, and using their Copilot features could greatly aid in those goals. “It would seem almost foolish to pass this up, because it’s just going to become part of the norm,” he says in the article. “If you’re not using it, you’re going to get left behind.”

A month ago, our Executive Director of Data, Research, and Evaluation Luke Goble held a session for staff about AI, where team members broke up into groups to brainstorm possible ways to utilize new emerging technology such as AI. As Peter says in the article, it’s important to customize some of the generative AI services available to our mission.

Another way to use AI is to understand nuances of geographical and demographic data, and extract insights from historical data and compare it to live data to identify patterns and opportunities to move quickly. This can help us in our efforts to recruit community members into involvement, such as with our Every Child initiative -which is now in three states, which means analyzing the differences in audiences and adjusting our recruiting efforts according to the data.

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